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Terms and Conditions

Precision Estate Sales LLC

Digital Camera and Other Equipment Policies

You have been issued a camera and other equipment to use for business purposes at Precision Estate Sales LLC hereafter is “The Company”. The following policies relate to the use of this equipment including, but not limited to Brian Crowe. Please read them carefully.

  • The hardware and software components contained in this devise which has been issued to you are the property of The Company and are intended for business use only.
  • Any damage caused to this equipment by negligence on your part is your responsibility.
  • It is your responsibility to protect this devise against damage, loss, theft, unauthorized use or misuse. The following guidelines must be adhered to at all times:
  • Do not leave the equipment in your car or out in the sun: Damaged may occur if subjected to extreme temperatures. Sometimes it takes no more than strong direct sunlight to cause permanent damage. Therefore, do not leave the equipment in a parked car in the heat of summer or the cold of winter. Above 110 Degrees F, liquid crystal displays boil, rendering the screen unusable. Below 34 Degrees F, they freeze. Replacement costs will be your responsibility and are not covered under a service contract or insurance.
  • Do not drop the Equipment: A drop from as little as 12”, even if protected by a carrying case, is usually sufficient to crack the equipment. The delicate mechanisms may also be damaged, destroying the data stored on it.
  • Do not invite theft: This equipment is portable and expensive, therefore easy to steal and profitable to sell. Do not ever leave the equipment unattended.
  • This equipment is the property of the company. It and any associated equipment have been issued to you for your use only and must not be lent to ANYONE else.
  • The software installed (if applicable) is licensed to The Company. Any duplication of copyrighted software is a violation of both company policy and federal law.
  • No unlicensed or unapproved software (if applicable) may be installed. The company may, without notice to you, delete any unlicensed, unapproved or personal software. No software, which is purchased by and licensed to The Company, is to be installed without the prior approval of a Managing Partner.
  • All equipment will be audited periodically.
  • The photos and data stored on your laptop belongs to The Company and shall be safely and immediately returned, at your expense along with ALL equipment upon your termination of employment for any reason.
  • By signing below you acknowledge receipt of and an understanding of Precision Estate Sales LLC policy on the use of computers, e-mail, and other office company equipment. 

Policies are subject to change. Failure to adhere to the policies stated here and any additional policies communicated to you regarding the use of Company owned or leased equipment may result in repair and replacement costs to you and / or the equipment being returned to The Company.

Understood, agreed and acknowledged.

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